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Spain has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 61 times since making its debut in 1961, where they finished ninth. Since 1999, Spain has been one of the “Big Five” countries, along with France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, that are automatically prequalified for the final each year as they are the biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Spain has competed in the contest continuously since the country’s debut in 1961. The only country with a longer run of uninterrupted Eurovision appearances is the United Kingdom, ever-present since 1959.

This Weeks Highlights


Poli Genova

New Music

Poli Plamenova Genova is a Bulgarian singer, songwriter, actress, and television presenter. She represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song 'Na inat', which did not qualify for the final. She returned in 2016, for the second time representing Bulgaria with the song 'If Love Was a Crime'.


Soraya Arnelas

National Triple Play

Soraya Arnelas Rubiales, better known by her stage name Soraya, is a Spanish singer. Soraya represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia with the song 'La noche es para mí' finishing 23rd with 23 points.

Elina Born & Stig Rasta 2015 Estonia

Raul-Stig Rästa is an Estonian singer and songwriter who, along with singer Elina Born, represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Goodbye to Yesterday”. Rästa tried several times to represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest. He competed with Slobodan River in Eurolaul 2003 and 2004, then with Traffic in Eurolaul 2008 and Eesti Laul 2009, 2012, 2014, 2020, and he also finished runner up with Outloudz in Eesti Laul 2011.

Elina and Stig took 7th place in the final with a total of 106 points. Two years later, in 2017, Elina came back to Eesti Laul with the song “In or Out”, written by Stig Rästa, Vallo Kikas and Fred Krieger. She qualified for the final and finished 10th.

Track List

1Perfect LifeLevina2017 Germany
2Your Heart Belongs To MeHind2008 Netherlands
3Colgado De Un SuenoSerafin Zubiri2000 Spain
4Europe’s Living A CelebrationRosa2002 Spain
5La Noche Es Para MiSoraya Arnelas2009 Spain
6KedvesemByeAlex2013 Hungary
7L’imhabbaHelen & Joseph1972 Malta
8No MorePoli Genova2021 Non Contest
9Foi MagiaSofia Victoria2004 Portuga
10The RideRAFAL2021 Poland
11Is Always Over NowDawn Martin1998 Ireland
12One More DayEldrine2011 Georgia
13Goodbye To YesterdayElina Born & Stig Rasta2015 Estonia
14Touch My FireJavine2005 United Kingdom
15A Matter Of TimeSennek2018 Belgium
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