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Romania has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 22 times since its debut in 1994, and has placed in the top ten six times. Its best results were achieved by Luminița Anghel and Sistem in 2005, and by Paula Seling and Ovi in 2010, who both finished in third place. Selecția Națională, a song contest that has been taking place every year in Romania except for 2021, has been used to select the country’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. The later year saw Romania conducting an internal selection.

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Special Guest

Safura Alizadeh Aliyeva is an Azerbaijani pop singer. In 2009, she became the winner of the national contest 'Pop Idol' (season 8). In 2010, Safura took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, where she brought Azerbaijan on 5th place in the final, with the song 'Drip Drop', where she only was 17 years old.


Hotel FM

National Triple Play

Hotel FM is a Romanian band, formed in April 2005 by British expatriate David Bryan and his friends Gabriel Băruţa and Alex Szűz. They won the national final with 22 points, earning the right to represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Elisabeth Andreasson 1996 Norway

Track List

1I Love You Mi VidaD’Nash2007 Spain
2Et CeteraSinead Mulvey & Black Daisy2009 Ireland
3Tell Me WhyMonica Anghel & Marcel Pavel2002 Romania
4ChangeHotel FM2011 Romania
5On A SundayEster Peony2019 Romania
6Round And RoundTinkara Kovac2014 Slovenia
7Drip DropSafura2010 Azerbaijan
8L.O.V.E.Safura2021 Non Contest
9Papa PingouinSophie & Magaly1980 Luxembourg
10I EvighetElisabeth Andreasson1996 Norway
11BlackbirdNorma John2017 Finland
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