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Montenegro has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 12 times. The country debuted in 2007. Previously it had participated as part of Yugoslavia (both the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1961 to 1991 and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992) and as part of Serbia and Montenegro (from 2004 to 2006). The 2005 entrants from Serbia and Montenegro, No Name, were from Montenegro, as were the 1983 and 1984 entrants for Yugoslavia.

This Weeks Highlights


Robin Bengtsson

Special Guest

Robin Bengtsson is a Swedish singer who took part in Swedish Idol 2008. He represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine with the song 'I Can't Go On' finishing in 5th place.


D mol

National Triple Play

D mol are a Montenegrin vocal group that represented their country in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. They were selected to represent Montenegro after winning the country's national selection, Montevizija.

Roberto Bellarosa 2013 Belgium

Track List

1Say Yay!Barei2016 Spain
2Dance With MeZoli Adok2009 Hungary
3HeavenD mol2019 Montenegro
4InjeVanja Radovanovic2018 Montenegro
5Moj SvijetSergej Cetkovic2014 Montenegro
6In Love For A WhileAnna Rossinelli2011 Switzerland
7I Can’t Go OnRobin Bengtsson2017 Sweden
8Oh My GodRobin Bengtsson & Victoria Voss2022 Non Contest
9Ooh Aah…Just A Little BitGina G1996 United Kingdom
10Love KillsRoberto Bellarosa2013 Belgium
11My DreamThea Garrett2010 Malta
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