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Serbia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 14 times since making its debut in 2007. They previously participated as part of Yugoslavia (both the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1961 to 1991 and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992) and as Serbia and Montenegro (2004–2006). Serbia won the contest on its debut as an independent country in 2007, with “Molitva” performed by Marija Šerifović.

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Contest Contender

Subwoolfer is a Norwegian pop duo formed in 2021. The two members perform in black suits with white shirts with distinctive yellow wolf-head masks and yellow gloves and ties and go by the pseudonyms Keith and Jim. Their real identities have not been publicly revealed.



National Triple Play

Hurricane, also known as Hurricane Girls, is a Serbian girl group. The original line-up, formed by Zoran Milinković in November 2017, consisted of three members: Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević.

Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan 1994 Ireland

Track List

1SpaceSlavko Kalezic2017 Montenegro
2CandlelightCsezy2008 Hungary
3Nije Ljubav StvarZeljko Joksimovic2012 Serbia
4Beauty Never LiesBojana Stamenov2015 Serbia
5Loco LocoHurricane2021 Serbia
6Als Het Om De Liefde GaatSandra & Andres1972 Netherlands
7Guilty PleasureMia Dimsic2022 Croatia
8SentimentaiMonika Liu2022 Lithuania
9CinemaPaola1980 Switzerland
10Give That Wolf A BananaSubwoolfer2022 Norway
11Il était TempsVirginie Pouchain2006 France
12Rock’n Roll KidsPaul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan1994 Ireland
13Zero GravityKate Miller-Heidke2019 Australia
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