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Norway has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 60 times since making its debut in 1960 and has only been absent twice since then. In 1970, the country boycotted the contest over disagreements about the voting structure, and in 2002, they were relegated. The contest is broadcast in Norway by NRK, which also broadcasts Norway’s national selection competition, Melodi Grand Prix. Before 1985, Norway’s best result in the contest was Åse Kleveland’s third-place in 1966. Norway’s three victories in the contest were achieved by Bobbysocks in 1985, Secret Garden in 1995 and Alexander Rybak in 2009. Norway also finished second at the 1996 contest, with former Bobbysocks member Elisabeth Andreassen. Norway has finished last in eleven Eurovision finals, of which four times with “nul points”. In 2019, Norway became the third televote-winning country to not win the contest (the previous ones being Italy in 2015 and Russia in 2016). Norway has a total of eleven top-five results in the contest, the latest being Margaret Berger’s fourth-place in 2013.

This Weeks Highlights


Pia Maria

Special Guest

Pia Maria Außerlechner, who performs as Pia Maria, is an Austrian singer. She represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 alongside DJ Lumix with the song 'Halo'.


Gabriela Guncikova

Fan Favourite

Gabriela Gunčíková is a Czech singer. She represented the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm with 'I Stand'

TIX 2021 Norway

Track List

1Drama QueenDQ2007 Denmark
2Eighties Coming BackRuffus2003 Estonia
3Brandenburger TorKetil Stokkan1990 Norway
4AlvedansenChristine Guldbrandsen2006 Norway
5Fallen AngelTIX2021 Norway
6Rain Of RevolutionFusedmarc2017 Lithuania
7HaloLUM!X feat. Pia Maria2022 Austria
8White NoisePia Maria2022 Non Contest
9Lonely SymphonyFrances Ruffelle1994 United Kingdom
10I StandGabriela Guncikova2016 Czech Republic
11UnbrokenMaria Olafsdottir2015 Iceland
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