Show #035

In the week that the Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled for the first time in its 64 history, we have the latest news from the European Broadcasting Union as the fallout from COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc. Despite the cancellation of the live shows in Rotterdam, our Superfan panel are continuing to judge and score what would have been the 2020 entries, with three more songs in the spotlight this week. Plus we have some Turkish delight in our National Triple Play!

21 March 2020 57 minutes

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 Walk Along Trijntje Ooterhuis 2015 Netherlands
2 Addicted To You Laura 2002 Finland
3 Judy & Cie Pierre Rapsat 1976 Belgium
4 Alcohol You Roxen 2020 Romania
5 Prison Natalia Gordienko 2020 Moldova
6 Story of My Life Lesley Roy 2020 Ireland
7 Believe Me Julia Savicheva 2004 Russia
8 Tick Tock Mariya Yaremchuk 2014 Ukraine
9 Cry Baby Gemini 2003 UK
10 SuperStar Sibel Tuzun 2006 Turkey
11 Dum Tek Tek Hadise 2009 Turkey
12 We Could Be The Same Manga 2010 Turkey
13 Lass Die Sonne In Dein Herz Wind 1987 Germany
14 The Fire In Your Eyes Boaz Ma'Uda 2009 Israel
15 When We're Old Ieva Zasimauskaite 2018 Lithuania