Show #060

Our special guest this week is Tim Schou, looking back on his time with Danish group A Friend In London and looking ahead with his awesome new solo single. Our prestigious Roll of Honour award is gifted to another worthy recipient, we open the archives of a Eurovision nation in the National Triple Play, and round up this weeks contest news...

12 September 2020 57 minutes

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 Space Slavko Kalezic 2017 Montenegro
2 Super Star A. Sibel Tuzun 2006 Turkey
3 Gravity Zlata Ognevich 2013 Ukraine
4 New Tomorrow A Friend In London 2011 Denmark
5 Where You Are Tim Schou 2020 Non Contest
6 My Heart Goes Boom Charmed 2000 Norway
7 Moustache TWIN TWIN 2014 France
8 Eastern European Funk InCulto 2010 Lithuania
9 Love Sasha Son 2009 Lithuania
10 Little By Little Laura And The Lovers 2005 Lithuania
11 In A Woman's Heart Miriam Christine 1996 Malta
12 Samo Ljubezen Sestre 2002 Slovenia
13 Together Ryan O'Shaughnessy 2018 Ireland