Show #095 - Best of the Guests

In the first of two special shows to coincide with the broadcast of the 2021 song contest in Rotterdam, we revist some of our recent interviews with Eurovision guest artists as they reminisce over their past experiences with the worlds biggest and most watched music event...

15 May 2021 57 mins

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 I've Been Waiting For This Night Donny Montell 2016 Lithuania
2 Sound Of Silence Dami Im 2016 Australia
3 Beautiful Mess Kristian Kostov 2017 Bulgaria
4 This Is My Life Anna Bergendahl 2010 Sweden
5 Running On Air Nathan Trent 2017 Austria
6 If Love Was A Crime Poli Genova 2016 Bulgaria
7 You Robin Stjernberg 2013 Sweden
8 Running Scared Ell & Nikki 2011 Azerbaijan
9 Love Shine A Light Katrina & The Waves 1997 United Kingdom