Show #113

One of Romania's hottest stars right now joins us to chat about a double song contest adventure & a new blingy track! Your fan favourite this week takes us back to the colourful 90s and our Triple Play venue is Poland. We also keep you posted with the latest news from Eurovision World!...

18 September 2021 56 mins

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 Alter Ego Minus One 2016 Cyprus
2 Love? Donna And Joe 2005 Ireland
3 Follow My Heart Ich Troje Feat. Real McCoy 2006 Poland
4 In The Name Of Love Monika Kuszynska 2015 Poland
5 Jestem Magdalena Tul 2011 Poland
6 Moustache TWIN TWIN 2014 France
7 Alcohol You Roxen 2020 Romania
8 Money Money Roxen 2021 Non Contest
9 Love Is Vikki 1985 United Kingdom
10 Kan Duo Datz 1991 Israel
11 Eyes That Never Lie Petr Elfimov 2009 Belarus
12 Monsters Saara Alto 2018 Finland