Show #132

Another former Eurovision artist is our special guest this week, who is hoping for a second time appearance this year. Our National Triple Play takes us to the Balkans, and one of you selects another great fan favourite. Plus, all the latest song contest news...

28 January 2022 56 mins

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 Say Yay! Barei 2016 Spain
2 Dance With Me Zoli Adok 2009 Hungary
3 Heaven D mol 2019 Montenegro
4 Inje Vanja Radovanovic 2018 Montenegro
5 Moj Svijet Sergej Cetkovic 2014 Montenegro
6 In Love For A While Anna Rossinelli 2011 Switzerland
7 I Can't Go On Robin Bengtsson 2017 Sweden
8 Oh My God Robin Bengtsson & Victoria Voss 2022 Non Contest
9 Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit Gina G 1996 United Kingdom
10 Love Kills Roberto Bellarosa 2013 Belgium
11 My Dream Thea Garrett 2010 Malta