Show #152

Our special guest this week brings us some explosive new music, and chats about his past Eurovision adventures! Portugal is our National Triple Play destination, we head back to the 90s for another fan favourite chosen by you, and catch up on the latest contest news!...

17 June 2022 56 mins

Track List

# Title Artist Year & Country
1 This Is The Night Kurt Calleja 2012 Malta
2 Peace Will Come Diana Gurtskaya 2008 Georgia
3 So Sei Ser Feliz Assim MTM 2001 Portugal
4 Danqa Comigo Sabrina 2007 Portugal
5 Ha Um Mar Que Nos Separa Leonor Andrade 2015 Portugal
6 Heartbeat Can-Linn Feat. Kasey Smith 2014 Ireland
7 Storm Victor Crone 2019 Estonia
8 Dynamite Victor Crone 2022 Non Contest
9 La Dolce Vita Anneli Saaristo 1989 Finland
10 Vrede Ruth Jacott 1993 Netherlands
11 You Let Me Walk Alone Michael Schulte 2018 Germany