Subscribing Your Station

If your radio station is on the look out for new shows to add to its schedule then consider
Eurovision Show, which is available for syndication free of charge.
It is currently broadcast on over 100 radio stations around the UK, Europe and beyond.
You can listen to recent episodes here in order to get a feel for the shows style and format.

Key Points

  • Available in 320kbps MP3 format.
  • Approximately 57 minutes in duration, ending with a song that can be faded to time.
  • Local advertising can be placed before and after each edition, but not during.
  • The version of show files distributed to stations are commercial free.
  • Intended for a Friday to Thursday broadcast window, and contains date sensitive content.
  • Each show may ONLY be broadcast within 7 days of release.
  • Avoid downloading show files from other sources, as they will be of lesser audio quality.
  • Show details are emailed every Friday morning once the latest edition is available to download.
  • A show promo tagged for your station is available if required.
  • The show is not currently sponsored, but such sponsorship may be commenced at a future point.
  • Download from OneDrive or Dropbox, access shared Dropbox folder, or play from our static URL.

Subscription Request Form

Simply complete the form below in order to get the show delivered to your station each week.

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