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If your radio station is on the look out for new shows to add to its schedule then consider Eurovision Show, which is available for syndication free of charge.
This professionally produced and widely acclaimed show has been running since  2019 and is currently being broadcast on over 150 radio stations around the UK, Europe and beyond.

You can listen to recent episodes here in order to get a feel for the shows style and format.
Some key facts and important information about the show are listed below, and if you would like to add the show to your stations programming, please complete the subscription form at the bottom of this page.

Key Points

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Audio Specs

320kbps MP3 Format

Each file is checked for optimum levels to ensure quality before being made available to stations. Audio files should not be downloaded from other sources, as they will be of lesser quality.

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Show Version

Available In 2 Options

Choose from the three-segment version to allow for local ad breaks which totals approx 54 minutes, or a single file of around 56 minutes. Both versions end with a song that can be faded to time.

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Broadcast Window

Friday To Thursday

Each show has a 7 day shelf life due to some date sensitive content that is included. The show is therefore intended to be aired only during this week long window from the day of release.

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Delivery Options

Download or Stream

The show can be manually downloaded from OneDrive or Dropbox, streamed from our static URL or accessed via our shared Dropbox folder.

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Media Pack

Logos, Images & Info

This pack is available to stations on request, providing a selection of branded material and information for use on your station website.

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Show Promo

Tagged For Your Station

An optional show promo is available free of charge, which includes a customised tag for your station name and broadcast time.

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Simply complete the form in order to get the show delivered to your station each week.


Simply complete the form below in order to get the show delivered to your station each week.

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